• Increases the color and uniformity of fruit size
  • Reduces the use of nitrogen fertilizers
  • Increases the quality of fruits


category : SPECIALTIES


Zn-EDTA, Ca-EDTA, Boric Acid, Ammonium Molybdate


100 g

VIGOR EXPROMA is designed for improving fruit yield and quality specifically in Pistachio

VIGOR EXPROMA is highly rich in Zinc, Calcium, Boron and Molybdenum

Calcium: Optimum fruit Ca concentration promotes fruit firmness, increases disease tolerance, reduces storage related disorders, promotes Nitrogen absorption and increases Nitrogen use efficiency

Boron: An adequate B concentration promotes Ca mobility, regulates flowering and fruit set, and contributes to a stable fruit production

Zinc: is involved in producing the growth hormone  IAA (the plant hormone responsible for cell elongation and growth), the synthesis of tryptophan and Nitrogen metabolism. Also this micronutrient reducesfruit acidity

Molybdenum: is involved in the fixation of atmospheric Nitrogen, metabolism of sulfur and purine, synthesis of growth hormone plant and the production and viability of pollen


ANALYSIS                                           W/W

Zinc (Zn) chelated by EDTA . . . . . . . . 3.5%

Calcium (Ca) chelated by EDTA . . . . . .  2%

Boron(B) water soluble . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.5%

Molybdenum (Mo) water soluble . . . . . . 3%