About us

FIMACO which established in 2010, develops, produces and supplies a wide range of specialty Fertilizers and Biostimulants for Nutrigation and foliar application. From the very beginning, FIMACO aimed to change agriculture for the better. Thanks to the experience acquired in these years of activity, the strong relationship with the greatest worldwide producers of raw materials, and the collaboration with important Universities and Research Centers, FIMACO provide a complete portfolio of fertilizers that optimize plant nutrition and maximize the performance of any crop. We are proud of our background. But in the meantime, we also focus on new developments combining R&D, Innovation, Flexibility, and Sustainability.

During the last years, we grew as a producer and distributor of specialty fertilizers under our own brand. With full-capacity human teams in every part of the process and crop specialists for all relevant crops and conditions worldwide, we share all our knowledge on fertilizers and our know-how on logistics, registrations, and marketing with our partners. We do it openly because we prefer sincere collaboration over fierce competition. This mindset allows us to help growers achieve their goals all over the world.


In these challenging times, it is imperative that we act to build a more resilient agriculture industry. FIMACO has improved the R&D Division, a team of agronomists, engineers, chemists, biotechnologists, and biologists constantly involved in the development of innovative products and technologies. Rooted in our innovative spirit, this knowledge leads our way to create new solutions to growers for a more sustainable agriculture.

The working approach is based on 3 founding principles:

    • innovative raw materials, especially botanical extracts and compounds of vegetal origin, to combine agronomic efficacy with environmental sustainability;
    • high-tech manufacturing processes, to keep the bio stimulant properties of plant extracts and natural molecules unaltered;
    • Large scale product experimentation, to ensure the highest standards of safety and effectiveness in all agricultural contexts.


Our vision for the world is based upon ensuring a sustainable future.

Provide innovative products designed to enhance plant nutrition and boost grower's profit while minimizing environmental harms

Create long-term value and promote sustainable development including economic, environmental and social aspects.


We aim to develop a complete and innovative range of fertilizers, natural products specifically designed to enhance quality and quantity of crop production.