Irrigation and Fertilization Plans

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Aug 20, 2022
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Irrigation in Kiwi Farming

  • Kiwi vines require irrigation during september–october.
  • We will suggest irrigating Kiwi with sprinkler irrigation or drip irrigation.
  • As the vines of the Kiwi are susceptible to water, hence well drainage of water in Kiwi farming is the priority.
  • We have observed on average, 2000 cubic meters/hector is the significant water requirement for kiwi farming.
  • When the Kiwi plant is in the young stage, it requires more irrigation. We will suggest irrigating in the interval of 2 to 3 days.
  • We will suggest checking moisture content in the root zone before irrigating the Kiwi.

Soil And Fertilizer Requirement For Kiwi Farming

  • The soil on which we are growing the kiwi should be rich in organic content, If organic content in soil is less, we will suggest growing green manure crops before planting kiwi and increasing organic content in the soil.
  • The fertility of the soil should be good.
  • We should do kiwi farming in soil with good drainage and aeration, clay soil or heavy soil that holds water for a long time is not perfect for kiwi cultivation.

Fertilizer Requirement

We should know this production of Kiwi depends on the vegetative growth of the vines and, for the proper growth and development of the vines, it requires a proper amount of manure and fertilizer.

We will suggest doing a soil test before planting the Kiwi from that you will get accurate information about the deficient fertilizer in the soil because the quantity of the fertilizer we are applying depends on the soil type, climatic condition and the age of the vines.

We suggest you use 20 to 25 tons/ha of farmyard manure {Fym} as the basal dose in Kiwi farming.

In the chemical fertilizer, we will suggest using a mixture of Nitrogen fertilizer, Phosphorus fertilizer and Potassium fertilizer in which Nitrogen percentage should be 15% and total mixture fertilizer that we should use each year is 0.5 kg only.

When the age of the plant is 8 years or over 8 years, we will recommend using 70 to 80 kg of farmyard manure at the root zone, 750 to 800-gram Nitrogen fertilizer 500 to 550-gram Phosphorus fertilizer and 1150 to 1200 grams of Potassium to be used because in this period fertilizer requirement increases.

Fertilization Plan